The journey is always easier without the baggage...

I adore springtime! It's a time for new beginnings, and it's providing the perfect backdrop for being back in London and the launch of my new services as a ‘happy mum’ expert.


What do I mean by 'happy mum' expert? Well, it's about helping women embrace their journey through motherhood - no matter the stage at which they find themselves, or how seemingly unorthodox or traumatic the issue they're facing. 


What it’s not about is promoting a synthetic, Pollyanna version of motherhood where everything appears utterly perfect and blissful - but all the while, you feel like you would like to give your gorgeous baby away to the nearest person passing by on the street!


It's real, grounded, and about being vulnerable (which is actually courage in disguise) - being willing to ask for help or when everything is in such complete crisis and disarray that you really need someone to gently take you by the hand and guide you through, step-by-step. It's about empowerment, wisdom, regaining control, and therefore helping you to find your strength.


Reminding ourselves that our bodies are holistically connected to our minds, our hearts and our spirits can help create the vital space we need for an easier conception, calmer healthier pregnancy, easier birth and smoother postnatal adjustment for you and your baby.


Our natural state is about healing, but we don’t always give our bodies the perfect environment in which to do its job. My clients' 'happy mum' sessions with me are all about creating those ‘perfect circumstances’ for physical, mental and emotional healing. I cover the following areas…


- Fertility

- Pregnancy and Birth

- Mums and Newborns

- For Women (with a new sneaky section just for men!)


For more detail on the fabulous programmes I offer like ‘The Emotional Fertility Programme’ or ‘The Joyful Pregnancy Programme’ visit the brand new website at and view ‘programmes’ in the about section


So if, like me, you want to embrace this season of new beginnings, please do reach out, and I'll look forward to helping you shed the baggage to make your journey all the easier.


With love,


Patti x


Tel:       07880 998568