My July Mum-to-be of the Month and "cover girl" is Helen!

First of all, congratulations on being Mum-to-Be of the month!

Tell me, how many weeks are you now and how are you feeling?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and feel pretty good. I still have high energy levels and apart from not moving as quickly as I used to I am still very active.


What aspects of pregnancy are you enjoying?

Like most mums to be I just love feeling the little one move and wriggle around. I love interacting with him through music and touch, it’s just amazing that there’s a little life inside me.

I also love the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many other amazing women through online and face to face communities. It’s truly amazing the support network that’s out there.


And the not-such-fun bits?

I have been so lucky; I believe I have a body that likes to be pregnant. I didn’t suffer from much morning sickness and I’ve felt pretty fab all the way through so far. However I’m really missing being able to lie on my back. I was a back and front sleeper before and so having to lie on my side has been a challenge.

Despite loving the summer sun, the increased body temperature has been a chore. I hate being overly hot and struggle to cool down.

I suppose the least fun bit so far is that I have just hit the swollen ankles and hands stage, so I had to take off my wedding rings recently, something that made me very sad to do especially when our wedding anniversary came round. But I balance that out with looking forward to the moment when I can put them on again and that’s when I’ll have my little one as well!

What’s been your favourite pregnancy gadget?

My dreamgenii pillow! I was really struggling to sleep before, I tried using conventional pillows to pad myself up, but as soon as I got the dreamgenii it was amazing. Sleep is still a little uncomfortable but it’s a million times better than without it.

You do your pregnancy fitness with me but have you always been active or is this new?

I always wanted to be an active person, you know the stereotype, down the gym every night and up and raring to go each morning… and I have tried before to use online programmes and get out there to exercise with various apps and memberships. However when my husband and I decided that 2013 was going to be the year we start trying for baby I think I subconsciously started to take more care of myself. We chose more active holidays and I started running. Since falling pregnant I was incredibly motivated to keep fit and healthy for the good of baby and me. It has so many benefits that it was just crazy not to keep fit. My husband is also a keen walker so up to about 7 months I was still hiking around Bradgate Park on sunny days and going out for day trips and exploring new places.


Are you into healthy eating? What’s your all-time favourite dish?

I love food! And being pregnant has just maximised my taste buds so everything tastes amazing! I was worried at first as being a vegetarian I had to watch my iron levels but I’ve made a real effort to eat well and expose baby to lots of tastes (they say they get a taste for what you like while pregnant) so I’ve been trying to maximise my fruit and veg input, aiming to reach 7 portions a day. Inadvertently I’ve hit 10 portions on most days and just feel fabulous for it!

It’s hard to pick a favourite as everything is my favourite right now!

How do you find combining pregnancy with work?

For the most part it’s been quite straight forward. I have a desk job and therefore can make myself pretty comfy and move around when I need to. I also have an amazing boss so I have been able to work from home when I needed to. As I’m working right up until ‘B-Day’ I’m spending my last few weeks at home as I don’t fancy the 1+ hour commute each way to the office!


Are you looking forward to maternity leave?

Yes and No. I of course can’t wait until I can spend time with the little one, but at the same time I am also writing a book, due in October, so I know I have a challenge ahead of me. I’m trying not to worry or over think it too much as I will take every day as it comes and do the best I can. That’s all I can ask of myself and if things don’t go to plan, then I’ll rework the plan to suit my new situation.


And what about the birth? Thinking about it or a case of bury your head in the sand?

I have been thinking about it a lot! I am the type of person where high uncertainty causes stress so for me to know about what happens at each stage is really important. I also want to know what I can do to help the process along. I see both pregnancy and birthing as a journey my body is going on and it’s my responsibility to learn the sign posts that help guide that journey so I don’t get lost. I have learnt so much from my local yoga and aqua natal groups and I am very keen to be an active participant in the birth rather than someone it just happens to.


What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?

I think I’m looking forward to helping another person grow. I’m a psychologist and just love how we develop, grow and learn and I can’t wait to start exploring the world with my child.

We all need a bit of “me time” when we’re mums. What will you be squeezing into your “mummy me time”?

Apart from as much sleep as possible? Well my garden has become a little neglected since falling pregnant so I am really looking forward to getting back out there and bringing the jungle back under control!

And now here's the big news: since interviewing Helen a little baby boy has arrived on the scene. So HUGE congratulations to Helen!


PS And here's what Helen said to me after the birth

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed your videos and I truly believe they helped me have a smooth pregnancy. Also thank you for all the reminders for pelvic floor exercises! They were most welcome!"