hi ho, hi ho, off to Fitpro I go! Joanna Helcke's heading off to take part in the finals of Fitness Professional of the Year 2014!

So this is really it! Tomorrow I head off to London ready for my interview in front of a panel of judges... to see if I make it as Fitness professional of the Year 2014! Everyone around me keeps saying "but Jo, getting to the finals is like winning already. Well, erm sort of, but that's not really the point. I want to WIN and become Fitness Professional of the Year!! Having said that, so do the three other finalists...

So checklist in place:

  • train tickets booked
  • comfy hotel booked
  • kids coming along for a jolly in London - yep!
  • Notebook ready for when I listen to all the amazing speakers who are going to be there.
  • Swanky dress and huge heels packed for the evening do!
  • All my paraphenalia for the Fitness professional of the Year interview packed

And... wait for it....


  • nails painted for the first time in my life. Bet you don't believe it but it's actually true. I have never had my nails done before but - you know - Fitness Professional of the Year glam evening do (whether i win or not) so I thought I'd push the boat out...

That's it, I'm signing off now with an "eek" and "yippee" and "OMG"!


Jo xx