10 top ten reasons why mindfulness will help you as a parent or mum-to-be

We all want to be the best parent we can be but at times it can seem a real challenge.  Mindfulness is the perfect tool to get you there!   


Here are 10 top ten reasons why mindfulness will help you as a parent…


1) We all need sleep to function well and having a baby makes this a real challenge.  Using mindfulness  you can train your brain so you can switch off when you decide.We need our bodies to be fit and healthy to care for our little ones.  


2) Mindfulness meditation boosts our immune system and promotes well being and healing.


3) Eating well is essential for you and your baby.  Mindful eating techniques means that you stay on track with good food choices and this helps you to lead by example.


4) We all know that regular exercise is good for us but when life gets busy, fitting it in can be difficult.  Mindfulness helps to set you up with the determination and motivation to keep you on track.


5) Patience, kindness, empathy and generosity are at the heart of mindfulness, they are also amazing  qualities to foster as a parent because they lead to close bonds and strong relationships.  


6) Mindfulness meditation can lead to better focus, and concentration.  If you feel that ‘Baby Brain’ has kicked in then getting your brain in training with mindfulness could be the answer.


7) When you have a baby to look after the days can be long, mindfulness gives you the perfect tools to refresh so that you have the energy to keep going.


8) As a new parent you might feel bombarded with conflicting advice.  Mindfulness helps to give you more headspace and will mean that you can see things clearly and then make better decisions.


9) Mindfulness has been shown in scientific studies to be more effective than morphine for pain relief.  Getting into meditation during pregnancy could reap massive rewards by the time you get to your due date.


10) Mindfulness is used by the NHS to treat depression.  If you are worried about the baby blues kicking in then preparing yourself with mindfulness tools could make all the difference to how you cope.


So if you fancy giving it a go get in touch on the forum where I can help you to get started!  


Alex  xx