'Why is my baby unsettled if she is getting everything she needs?’ and other breastfeeding questions

I love this time of the year when I can feel change in the air, see it in the garden and experience abundant new life in my practice as I work with new mums and their tiny babies.


It really doesn’t matter whether you are nursing and caring for your first, second, third or  more baby, there always seem to be common concerns that arise when breastfeeding.


Questions like: ‘Is my baby getting enough milk?’, ‘how do I know whether she has had enough milk?’, ‘what if baby brings milk up – does that mean he has had enough, or should I offer more?’, ‘why is my baby unsettled if she is getting everything she needs?’, ‘expressing doesn’t come easily – does that mean I don’t have enough milk?’


As all mums and babies are unique, there is not just one answer that will satisfy all mums and baby’s needs. Instead, I believe that all mums and babies should be treated as individuals, supported and guided according to their individual mum and baby combinations as this is the only way we can ensure that breastfeeding works.


So if you have a question, no matter how small, get in touch this week and let’s see if we can get breastfeeding to feel more comfortable, more enjoyable and sustainable for both you and baby.


All the best,

Geraldine x