Raw, nutritious and yummy vegan pecan pie

Raw, nutritious and yummy vegan pecan pie


On Sunday I had a sudden urge to create something with pecan nuts, having only bought some the previous day. I have recently had hazelnuts struck off my list of favourites as I am apparently allergic to them (not an intolerance) and just to compound matters I have also completely cut out dairy, gluten and yeast in a bid to calm my tumultuous stomach!! No more details required on that front…

Add to that my decision to cut out all refined sugar this month, and dessert- creating becomes an interesting – but also fun – challenge. And so it was that on Sunday I came up with a rather too blissful combination that (confession) I have been wolfing down on a daily basis ever since!! Although I don’t feel bad at all because this pecan pie is full of goodness and nothing else.

Apologies for the lack of measurements – you’ll be fine!


For the base

Gluten free oats

Ground almonds

Coconut oil

1 tablespoon of coconut palm sugar if you need a hint of sweetness

For the filling

Raw cashew nuts soaked overnight

Pitted dates soaked over night

1 tin of coconut cream- the thick part only ad discard the water


Pecan nuts

Step 1

Blitz the oats in a powerful blender (I use my trusty Thermomix) until you have what resembles flour.

Step 2

Add a roughly equal amount of ground almonds to the oats in a mixing bowl and a tablespoon of coconut palm sugar if you wish.

Step 3

Melt a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil over a bain marie – how much depends on the amount of oats and ground almonds you are using but basically you want to glue these 2 flours together with the oil.

Step 4

Thoroughly combine the melted oil with the 2 flours and the coconut palm sugar and spoon a layer into a series of little clear glass container, compacting the layer with the back of a teaspoon

Step 5

Drain the dates and cashew nuts and blend very thoroughly in a powerful blender until you have a very smooth, creamy paste, and then add the tinned coconut cream and blend again.

Step 6

Spoon the creamy filling onto the oaty, almondy layer before sprinkly with some roughly chopped pecans.

Now be warned: this is very delicious and moreish. Whilst the ingredients are all good for you, they are also calorific so make your pecan pie pots small but perfectly formed. Moderation and all that…!

Tell me how you get on. Shhhhh… I’ve literally just eaten another one (limiting myself to 1 a day!).