Introducing the wonderful Aisha who has joined the Zest4lifeUK team

This is Aisha.

Aisha is awesome and she just happens to be my admin assistant, so when you get in touch about all my crazy stuff, this is who will be answering.Good job too, as she's way more efficient than I am!

I thought it was time to introduce her properly, so Aisha & I caught up for a bit of a Q&A: 

Me: Hi Aisha. You are helping out with Zest4lifeUK but tell me, what did you do before? 

Aisha: I was a project manager for a huge American manufacturer – I lead cross functional project teams around the globe. My favourite aspect of my job was the multicultural environment of the teams.

Me: Oh I totally get that and it's something I miss in my life. I went to a European School in Italy and was used to hearing so many languages around me every day. Your English is amazing, Aisha but you're actually from Germany aren't you? 

Aisha: Correct, I lived in Germany until I was 21 years old, then I chose to study in England since my father was English, I wanted to ‘go back to his roots’. After completing my studies I started to work for the afore mentioned company where I met my wonderful partner, who is from Loughborough.

I came to England in 2007! But I do have to thank my dad for my excellent knowledge of the English language, he was the one who brought me up bilingual.

Me: you have two little ones, Jesse and Lewin. What's your mummy me-time? 

Aisha: ‘Mummy me time’ for me I think is eating - cookies, cake, flapjacks, anything goes – ha. Before having Lewin I used to enjoy horse riding – in Germany we have a saying that the happiness of this world lies on a horse’s back and I do truly believe that.

Me: oh my goodness, I'm not sure if you've noticed but I'm absolutely NOT a horse person: too many BuggyBabies "adventures" with horses! Anyway, tell me, are you into fitness?

Aisha: No, I am not into fitness. I enjoy your classes but I would not say ‘into’ – I would for example struggle to hold a conversation about any fitness related matter.

Me to myself: I might need to change that!! Anything else you fancy telling me Aisha?

Aisha: I have an MSc in Clinical Criminology J.

Me: I always find it so interesting the way we study one thing but end up doing something totally different. Look at me: PhD in social sciences running a pregnancy & postnatal fitness business. But you know what? There's nothing better than following your heart in life! 

Aisha thank you for being part of the Zest4lifeUK Team. I can't even begin to say how thankful I am.