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Isabel Jordan originally trained as a Nurse and finished her training in 1996, working as a Staff Nurse on surgical wards within the NHS until 2004, looking after post operative patients and patients admitted from Accident and Emergency.  
She became a breastfeeding counsellor with La Leche League in 2005, running workshops and helping mums on a one to one basis and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Isabel sits on the Infant Feeding Strategy Board in University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) and also trains other breastfeeding counsellors and breastfeeding peer supporters. Isabel sums up her approach as follows: “I enjoy helping all mothers on their breastfeeding journey and realise the importance of ongoing support. I believe in empowering a mother to find her own solutions by offering suggestions and help”.   



Kathryn Priest found her passion for physiotherapy after working in corporate training, photography, and social care and health for a number of years. Having worked with older people, she developed a passion not just for rehabilitating people with a wide range of injuries, but for encouraging knowledge and interest in the human body and promoting wellness for life.

This has come to the fore even further with her specialism – Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Determined to tackle society’s mantra to women’s troubles – “That’s just being a mum” – she helps women both pre and post natal understand their own bodies, why they are in pain or having issues with their bladder, tummy or back, and guiding them down the road to full post-natal recovery, putting the woman first and securing knowledge for future pregnancies. Kathryn also works with ladies who don’t have children but still encounter specifically female issues, perhaps with painful sex, post surgery scars or rehabilitation, or urinary leakage on activity.

Kathryn does public speaking on a range of physical health topics such as posture, wellbeing and post natal education, and is a contributor to the Henpicked: Wisdom for Women website, as well as regularly writing her own blogs. She is currently collaborating on a book to help women tackle and manage their menopause.

Arcadia Physiotherapy is located in Nottingham city, in a beautiful leafy square in the Lace Market area. You can find out more by reading her blogs and website at or by following her fascinating insights on Facebook or Twitter @arcadiatherapy.



Kerry Secker is the founder of Kerry Cares Parenting. Kerry established Kerry Cares after an extensive 16 year career as a private nanny.

Kerry trained as a nursery nurse and obtained her NNEB with distinction in 1999. During her 15 years working for private families, Kerry was fortunate enough to work across the UK as well as around the globe to experience many different families and cultures.

As well as a huge amount of fun and adventure, Kerry gained a wealth of invaluable experience and knowledge of babies and young children, which she is very keen to share with parents today.

Kerry offers personalised and gentle advice to parents throughout the UK and further afield that is tailored to each family and baby. Kerry can consult on sleep, weaning, toilet learning and behaviour. She works with parents, respecting their values and wishes, to devise a solution that is gentle yet effective.

Kerry is passionate that every child and family is beautifully unique and her advice truly reflects this. She is a good listener and will provide solutions, without judgement, that really work.

 She believes that there is no one size fits all solution or manual to parenting and her mantra is: 

"There are no right ways or rules to raising your family - only ways that are right for you and your family"

She also writes for the Huffington Post as well as various parenting platforms. In addition, she organises successful parenting Q&A sessions and sleep clinics.

Now happily married and living in the East End of London - in her leisure time she can often be found competing in a park run or dancing at a gig.


For more information please visit


Richard is a Registered Osteopath with a first class degree from Oxford Brookes University. He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy (iO).

Richard is a proud father of two and has a special interest in how osteopathy can be used to help entire families, from very young children throughout life until the later years. His youngest ever patient was 4 days old and his oldest so far has been a young 99½ year old! In particular, Richard has experience of treating very young babies to help relieve the symptoms of reflux, colic and trapped wind whilst also helping with feeding and sleeping issues that may be caused by a traumatic or difficult birth.

He has presented at the Primary Care & Public Health Conference to over 800 midwives and regularly consults with local midwives and feeding consultants.



Susan Brough spent 6 years studying nutrition, initially to diploma level then graduating with a Master of Science in Nutritional Therapy from Worcester University. Over the last 6 years she has worked with individuals to optimise health and address chronic issues such as poor digestion.

Sue believes that supporting women through diet and lifestyle guidance, both before, during and following pregnancy offers mother and baby great benefit both immediately and in the long term.

Dietary choices giving sufficient nutrient intake assists in supporting energy levels, encourage healthy weight management both during and post pregnancy, ensuring nutrient levels are maintained whilst breast feeding.

It is not essential to have a perfect diet and extreme dietary changes during pregnancy are to be avoided, but ensuring adequate nutrients to maintain optimal health is important. Recent studies within the field of genetics have indicated that dietary and lifestyle choices both before and during pregnancy appear to have the ability to switch on and off genes which may influence the health our offspring.

Sue practices within the midlands for more information please visit or email Sue on [email protected]



Suzy Ashworth is a home hypnobirthing mum of two and Co-Founder of The Calm Birth School and business mentor for pre and postnatal specialists.

Her mission is a simple one, to change lives by empowering women to move from feeling like they are unable to achieve the ‘impossible’ by providing practical tools and mindset tweaks that help women achieve their goals.

Hypnobirthing quite literally changed the path of Suzy’s life. The powerful impact of her second homebirth was enough to make her leave twelve years in media to retrain as a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner. And once bitten by the birthing bug, she hasn’t looked back. Helping thousands of women from across the world access the tools of hypnobirthing from the comfort of their own living rooms.



Anna Morley is an independent interior stylist and home organiser based in Leicestershire. With an eye for detail and an instinct for the needs of each project she works on, Anna creates beautiful environments for both commercial and private clients, using the latest trends and timeless design styles.


Anna believes that an efficient home is a calm home and combines de-cluttering and home organising solutions to enhance spaces. Her style has seen her commissioned by interior designers, kitchen showrooms and home interest magazines, all keen to utilise her expertise.


Having previously worked as Style Editor for national interiors publication EKBB and currently the Homes Content Editor at Real Homes magazine, she brings a wealth of experience to each individual project.




Kelly Hainsworth is a fully qualified reflexologist who specialises in maternity reflexology and women’s health. She is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) which means she is committed to continuing professional development and adheres to a strict code of conduct.

Since 2008 Kelly has supported many mums-to-be in Leicestershire with maternity reflexology treatments. A number of clients have now received treatments from Kelly for babies one, two and three! A real tribute to the work Kelly has done.

As a mum, Kelly understands the importance of feeling relaxed during your pregnancy and feels privileged to support her clients during this time. She appreciates that some ladies may feel anxious or worried, and uses her treatments to allow them the time and space to relax, unwind and share any worries they may have.

Her treatments are bespoke and are adapted to suit her clients’ needs, Kelly explains “no mum or pregnancy is the same, so it’s important the treatment reflect this”.

Kelly offers her treatments in the beautiful treatment room at The Health Workshop, in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, situated in the quaint Rushton’s Yard.

Kelly also co-founded the very popular #reflexologyhour on Twitter. This community has grown at an incredible rate with practitioners joining in from all over the world. Kelly’s aim was to bring practitioners together to network and share best practice. The end-result being “the clients benefit as we all work together to deliver the best for our clients needs”.

“It’s a great privilege to work with mums-to-be and I feel very honoured to be part of their special journey”.

To keep up-to-date with Kelly’s treatments and news visit:






Sarah Bournon lives in a village near Loughborough, and within easy reach of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. She lives with her partner and has two lovely adult daughters.

Sarah has been a practising midwife for thirty years, and during that period gained a vast amount of experience in every aspect of midwifery. Recently, she decided to take a slightly different direction.....

She trained as a Doula, the term comes from the Ancient Greek meaning serving woman.

A doula is able to provide full tailor made support for each individual woman and her partner, during pregnancy, for labour and beyond.

The appeal of doulaing for me, is in what may be achieved by women who engage with a doula.

Research shows that confidence and self-esteem improve, anxieties are reduced which ultimately smoothes the pathway of pregnancy and birth. General satisfaction with the birth experience increases. There is less use of the potent narcotics and regional analgesia. Most importantly, the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth increases, and Caesarian rates are reduced.

Sarah also trained in the complementary therapies aromatherapy, and reflexology. She used these skills in her midwifery practice and now has even more scope and opportunity to use these therapies in her doula practice.

It is a great privilege to be a support and advocate for women, regardless of what their choices are for birth, either hospital or home, active or medicalised, in water or on land.

Experienced doula support makes a difference!

Member of Doula UK

Member of The Royal College of Midwives (retired)



AOR. Association of reflexologists

MIFPA  member of the international federation of professional aromatherapists

To get in touch:

E mail: [email protected]

Website :



With over a decade’s worth of recruitment experience; most recently in not for profit specialising in supporting SMEs but have also been a branch manager for a niche recruitment agency, specialising in the creative, marketing and sales industries. I have managed and lead teams for about the same amount of time; I love the coaching element of leadership and love seeing people flourish under this style. I’m a qualified Project Manager and have also lead teams through period of change.

People often come to flexible working due to significant changes in their life. For me, it was becoming a mother. I was lucky to be working for supportive organisations at the time both of my girls were born, with solid work-life balance cultures. Naively I had thought that this option was available to most; it was only when I started speaking to other parents that I realised I was in a minority.  

Bearing in mind I have six and a half years between my children, I was shocked to hear that things haven’t really changed as we move further into the twenty first century. I am continuously disappointed to hear story after story of parents, mostly but not exclusively mothers, having to choose between their careers or time with their children; often meaning they leave a job they love to gain their work life balance, or stay in a job they have worked hard for, to gain the flexibility they need.  This issue is the catalyst for the creation of the Balance Collective.

I am passionate about connecting talented professionals with organisations seeking flexible workers. I offer bespoke, client centric recruitment services alongside personal development and career coaching; The Balance Collective’s social aims are to reduce underemployment in mothers; the vision is to create grants to help individuals retrain and upskill. 

Find out more on or @BalanceCollHQ whilst my talented developer finishes off the website!



Alex Blossom is a Mindfulness and Well Being Coach and the Founder of Revitalise Days.  She is a busy mum who also has a job as a lawyer.  She runs to keep fit and has lots of other things competing for her time.  When Alex got diagnosed with MS, following the birth of her son, she realised that she needed to lose some of the stress from her life and get things back in balance.  This led her to mindfulness and now she loves to help others experience the amazing benefits that mindfulness brings to your life.


Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment.  Rather than worrying about the future or ruminating on the past it is about enjoying the present.  It really is a life skill and once you have the hang of it everything in life seems better.  More happiness, less worry, perfect.


Having gone through the experience of pregnancy, giving birth and caring for a young child Alex is only too aware of all of the worries and difficulties that can and do crop up.  She  gives really practical advice on how to get through things when they are tough and how to be the most lovely mum you can be.  Being calm, patient and level headed are all things that come with mindfulness, just what every mum needs! Mum’s who get into mindfulness notice the calming impact it has on their children even at a really young age, so there are benefits all round.


She runs day retreats in the beautiful Leicestershire village of Walton on the Wolds where delicious healthy food and meditation combine to create a unique well being experience.  The retreat days run on a seasonal basis and no two are the same. They are suitable for everyone whether you are experienced in meditation or not.  During pregnancy they are perfect for giving mums-to-be the opportunity to reflect on the balance they have in their lives and how to cope with the change that is approaching.  For those who are already mums the retreats offer a real break from daily life and the opportunity to see how mindfulness really can be part of a busy lifestyle.  You will leave a Revitalise Day equipped to create a little more headspace in your life and ready for all that life has to throw at you.  Alex also offers private sessions for those preferring a more personal approach.


Alex Blogs daily on and regularly posts top tips for getting through life mindfully. Have a read and see how it could help you.

Revitalise Days on Facebook

[email protected] on Twitter  



Louise Haward is an Associate Partner at Smith Partner having joined the firm in 2010. Louise is local to the East Midlands being Rutland born and bread but working for several years within firms in the West Midlands. Louise has been personally recommended in the Legal 500 and has substantial experience of advising employers and employees in respect of all aspects of employment and HR matters with particular experience and specialising in handling discrimination issues including tribunal proceedings.

Louise spreads her time between the firms Leicester and Derby offices and as well as her day job is also chair of the PNK Ladies Leicester, a professional ladies networking group covering Leicestershire.

To find out more about Louise check out her profile on the firm's website, follow her on Twitter @SmithPEmpt or @PNKLadiesLeics and also look out for the Facebook and LinkedIn groups for PNK Ladies Leicester.




PATTI GOOD - Radiant Emotional Wellbeing

Patti Good is a leading expert on women’s emotional health for motherhood. She is the founder of The Happy Mum Expert, a company offering exceptional emotional support and tools for every stage of being a mum.

Patti is passionate about helping mums feel better so that they can embrace and enjoy every step on their journey through motherhood!









Joanna Mockford is a mother of two boys and owner of Carry My Baby.

A certified Baby Carrying Consultant with over 4.5 years experience, she is based in Leicester with a consultancy and sling library lending service, and online as a retailer, with all different types of carrier.

Her mission is to inspire families to carry and cuddle their babies, offering the tools, skills and resources to do so safely, comfortably, and with confidence.

Along with her own carrying experience and self study, she trained with the School of Babywearing in 2012, and became certified by Slingababy in 2015, to set her up with the skills, insight, and knowledge to work closely with parents to find carrying solutions and teach about babywearing.

She is registered with BABI (British Association of Babywearing Instructors), attends CPD twice a year with Slingababy and attends regular conferences, workshops and exhibitions to network with other professionals and keep her knowledge and skills up to date in a rapidly developing industry related to family relationships, attachment and infant mental and physical health.

Shop online or browse for more information at

Visit her in person in South Leicester at her Sling Library & Shop Drop Ins, Workshops, Sling Clinic, or for a Private Consultation at Carry My Baby or in your home. Find her on the FORUM here where she can offer bespoke advice and tips wherever you are based.





Rochelle Hubbard is a full time mother, as well as having a very fulfilling career as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coach. Having found she could maintain a healthy weight and happy life, through good nutrition and positive lifestyle habits, instead of the food deprival and excessive exercise she had previously relied upon to be ‘happy’ with herself, Rochelle felt passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Eat Smile Live was born in 2012 from this passion, and Rochelle now works with her clients (primarily women, and often mothers) to slowly and sustainably implement changes in their diet and lifestyle that lead to lifelong improved health for themselves and their families.

Rochelle received her training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York (a little different, but as equally rewarding, if not more so, as her BA in International History from the London School of Economics) and is currently extending her knowledge into more specific health concerns through an 8 month programme focusing in on specific digestive, immune, hormonal, reproductive and nervous system conditions.



Dr Emma Haycraft is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology within the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University.  She is also part of the Loughborough University Centre for Research into Eating Disorders (LUCRED).  Emma has been conducting research into parent-child interactions around feeding, eating and mealtimes for over ten years.  She has carried out and overseen many research studies in this area, including projects looking at fathers’ roles in child feeding, the impact of mental health on parenting/feeding practices, and the influence of peers on children’s eating behaviours. 

Emma is keen to share the findings of her research with others who might benefit from them and so, as well as regularly publishing the results of her studies in academic journals and at international conferences, she also makes her research findings available to parents/families/caregivers/health professionals; anyone who might benefit from the findings of her projects.  Most recently, Emma has co-developed the Child Feeding Guide; a and mobile app which contains tips and tools for anyone who feeds young children to make mealtimes healthier and happier.  The Child Feeding Guide was developed in response to parent/caregiver feedback that there was a lack of guidance and support available for feeding young children, who can be fussy or difficult, after the weaning period.  Our Child Feeding Guide addresses that gap by providing tangible tips and tools aimed at promoting healthy eating behaviours and happier mealtimes in young children and their families.




Dr Gemma Witcomb is a Research and Teaching Fellow within the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University.  She is also part of the Loughborough University Centre for Research into Eating Disorders (LUCRED).
Gemma’s areas of research are clinical eating disorders (in the general population and the transgender population), barriers to breastfeeding, and non-clinical infant feeding problems. The latter two are her passion and she is very driven to develop interventions around these. One of Gemma’s own children was a particularly difficult eater during the early weaning period, losing a lot of weight, and so she is acutely aware of the stress and anxiety that can occur around infant feeding.
Recently, Gemma and two colleagues (Dr Emma Haycraft and Dr Claire Farrow) developed an app and a website - - aimed at helping parents (and anyone involved in childcare) understand the basis of infant feeding problems and ways to establish healthy feeding habits. They now have a presence as FeedingKidsUK on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and also have a promotional video.




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