FitBumpBox News from 2017

It's drowning prevention week - time to get the kids swimming

16 Jun 17 - Swimming is such an important life skill. This week it's national drowning prevention week. We take a look at swimming with the help of Splash Babies.

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Pretty Healthy Chocolate "Fudge"

15 Jun 17 - I have to confess that I quite like fudge... but i never buy it because it's basically solid sugar isn't it? This is a healthy version. We all like it in the family - even the fusspots do!

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Mums celebrating World Blood Donor Day

13 Jun 17 - World blood donor day - a celebration and the story of three mother's lives were saved by the generosity of many blood donors.

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Confused about pregnancy exercise? Facts not fiction

12 Jun 17 - When I was expecting my boys, exercise for pregnancy wasn’t much of a conversation starter. These days there is so much information yet at the same time it is incredibly hard to know what to believe and trust.

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Pregnancy footwear: striving to make the right choice

12 Jun 17 - “High heels and flats with no support can all cause niggles in pregnancy”

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Banana, Pecan and buckwheat loaf

12 Jun 17 - Gluten and dairy free and just plain yummy - perfect for the kids' breakfast

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Weight training during pregnancy and beyond: facts not fiction

8 Feb 17 - There’s more than a little confuion surrounding weight training during pregnancy and early motherhood - can you/ can’t you/is it safe/not safe?

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Take one safe exercise programme for pregnant women…

30 Jan 17 - Recipe for a safe pregnancy workout... with all the ingredients and your easy-to-follow step by step instructions!

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Take one safe exercise programme for pregnant women…

30 Jan 17 - Recipe for a safe pregnancy workout... with all the ingredients and your easy-to-follow step by step instructions!

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Peanut butter chocolate swirl brownies

23 Jan 17 - This is a marbled brownie with a difference - gluten free, dairy free, only good ingredients

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Safe pregnancy exercise: 10 things you need to know

16 Jan 17 - Arm yourself with these 10 key tips and make yoru pregnancy fitness safe and effective too

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FOMO and work-life balance

12 Jan 17 - This article is for you; the parent who is juggling your business and family.

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My clients who have done the FitBumpBox programme really reap the benefits, learning correct techniques for effective rehabilit...

Kathryn Peden, Women's Health Physio

The FitBump Box is a fabulously unique support system for new mums & mums-to-be, helping to regain confide...

FitPro, the leading fitness industry organisation, UK

FitBumpBox is exceptional & encourages a safe, sociable way to prepare for a fit, healthy & fulfilling pregnancy &...

Sarah Bournon, doula

At last! A birthing ball - the FitBumpBall - that includes a guide to safe & effective exercise in pregnan...

Sarah Bournon, doula

Joanna has vast experience & her award winning FitBumpBox program will help benefit baby & you.

Nicola, midwife

I highly recommend the FitBumpBox which is tailored for pregnancy & postpartum. It makes es...

Dr C. Eddleston, GP

The FitBumpBox with Dr Helcke's expert guidance helps remove the fear that women often have about exercising du...

Katie, physiotherapist

What the mums say about us!

Very pleased with Fitbumpboxball - great for pregnancy and early labour. Videos are easy to follow and informative, particularly in ...

Louise Hawke

The FitBumpBall is just simply amazing. After only a few days I saw signs of it working. Fantastic quality & I will be...

Samantha, BizzieBaby tester

From the minute you receive the FitBumpBox you feel welcomed into part of a whole new community where you can get so much help, advi...

Nicky, BizzieBaby Tester

I have the complete set of "The LITTLE BOOKS to keep you fit safely in pregnancy" & I would highly recommend them...

Agnieszka, mother of 3 (soon 4)

I love that the workouts are varied from week to: It’s just the way a pregnancy workout should be: gentle but effective and ju...

Emily of My Petit Canard

Simple movements as shown by an expert, in the comfort of my own home? Yes please! The FitBumpBox makes for a lovely gift, eith...

Katy of What Katy Said

Gorgeously presented & including brilliant online workouts that I have used both pre and postnatally. A definite must!

Debbie Barrett

What the celebrities say about us!

Perfect day for a workout with my FitBumpBox. Really helpful post-baby. Loving it!

Verity Rushworth

The thing that stands out is the simple nutritional advice - a favourite being 'An Avocado' when pushed for time. I liked th...

Paula Lane

Thank you for my FitBumpBox. Time to strengthen my body & give it some loooove! xx

Giovanna Fletcher