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Postnatal New Mum

Wow, how does it feel to know that your body has created a tiny new human being who is entirely reliant on you, as he or she grows over the coming month? Exciting? Exhilarating? Nerve-wracking? Draining? Exhausting? Being a new mum is amazing but it's also tough on the body and mind, and requires bucket-loads of energy!

Now is when you need to focus on keeping yourself healthy and fit through safe postnatal exercise and a nutritious diet

Happy healthy mum = happy healthy baby!


My postnatal week by week fitness and wellbeing programme does just this: make your journey through motherhood as healthy and happy as possible through specialist postnatal exercise, a perfectly balanced diet and a community of friendly, likeminded mums to support you.


Easy meal planner
Whether you are a busy mum, mum-to-be - or just plain busy - my easy meal planner will help you save money, save time and eat healthily. Enjoy these 8 delicious and healthy recipes.

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