Eid al-Fitr filled date boxes


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This is a BIG box! Want a smaller one? Use the code EID40 to order a smaller box for £18.

A decadent box of Algerian or Tunisian deglet nour dates with 3 different all-natural handmade fillings... all coated in dark chocolate sweetened with coconut palm sugar and decorated with ingredients that are naturally beautiful. 

The fillings are:

- geranium infused chocolate truffle

- homemade natural marzipan

- salted peanut caramel

The perfect treat to celebrate Eid al Fitr - an indulgent treat without the guilt. 

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zestEAT Letterbox Treats are handmade using natural wholefoods such as cacao, therapeutic grade essential oils, nuts, superfoods and no refined sugar. Keeping the ingredients raw helps preserve nutrients making for a healthier treats.

Allergies: zestEAT products contain nuts, peanuts and sesame and may contain traces of gluten and dairy. 

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients in an alcohol-free environment.

Storage: Letterbox treats will keep in a Tupperware for up to 2 weeks but taste best eaten sooner rather than later! 

Packaging: all packaging is 100% recyclable with NO PLASTIC. 


FREE postage & packaging.