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FIITDad is a unique fitness concept for new dads who want to keep fit, strong & healthy by training with their babies in buggies. These outdoor bootcamp sessions are structured as High Intensity Interval Training designed to give dads a tough workout all whilst keeping their babies entertained.  Run by Team GB elite athlete and soon-to-be-dad, Dan Powell, don't expect a picnic in the park...! 


FIITDad will give you a balanced mix of hardcore cardio and resistance work using body weight and park facilities - think benches, logs and trees! - to get the heart pumping and to build muscle. 


Each session will be followed by time to catch up for a chat, a drink and a bit of "Dadvice" at a nearby cafe. 



Courses start in January, April, July and September and run for the duration of term time (apart from the summer course) on Sundays  at 9.30am: this will enable Dan to progress the exercises over the period (yes, that means gradually work you harder!) and it also ensures that he is aware of any medical restrictions that dads might have on the course, as everyone fills in a confidential medical screening form beforehand.



Dan's Leicestershire FIITDad buggy bootcamp takes place in Queen's Park, Loughborough followed by drinks - with a discount! - at Dolcino's cafe in town. 

How much?

The cost of each FITDad course depends on the number of weeks the course is running for. A 10 week course costs £79.50 and for this you get:

A friendly group setting where you are looked after as an individual, catering for any individual problems such as back or joint pain.

Optional organised social events... watch this space!

The possibility of catching up on missed classes by going to Jo's classes on either Monday or Thursday evenings.

Time to connect with other dads after class in Dolcino, along with a discounted hot drink.


Sign up for FIITDad

I do hope you like the sound of FIITDad. To sign up simply:

  • Click on “registration form” which you will find in the menu down the left hand side of this screen and choose "FIITDad" from the drop down menu.
  • Fill in this online medical screening form
  • Click “submit registration”
  • Sit back and wait for either Dan or Jo to get in touch with you to give you all the information you need before coming along to your first class


Q. When does the next course start?
A. Go to Timetable and Availability


Q. May I start part way through a course?
A. Yes of course – get in touch with us to see if spaces are available.


Q. I suffer from back pain. Is FIITDad suitable?
A. It might not be suitable for you. It is quite fast and energetic and this does not necessarily lend itself to back pain, where exercises need to be performed with great care and precision. I would suggest doing a taster session first to see how you get on. 


Q. Will FIITDad be complicated to follow?
A. No, this is a bootcamp class. We work through a series of exercises for short, sharp bursts of time and then have even shorter recovery periods. You will get help and advice with technique.


Q. What should I wear to FIITDad?
A. Make sure you've got your outdoor gym gear and trainers on. Waterproof trainers are ideal for this class but not essential. Remember to bring lots of water with you

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