Busy Mums fitness classes .... in Leicestershire

Busy Mums fitness classes .... in Leicestershire

Zest4lifeUK busy mums fitness takes place in the evenings - usually after kiddie bedtime - so that you can fit exercise round work and family. The classes focus specifically on tailoring the exercises to each individual. I NEVER run a one-size-fits-all class which probably explains why these classes are filled with women who really need to have bespoke workouts to help with a wide range of health restrictions.

In an ideal world, every fitness class should be like this. With Zest4lifeUK, I always focus on individual needs - back pain, pelvic pain, areas of tightness and restrictions, joint problems, wrists... 

So if you are looking for truly tailored group fitness, then this is for you.

These classes are open to anyone but just happen to have lots of mums in them because of my specialism in perinatal fitness.  



Fitting fitness and healthy living into a working mum’s life is a subject which is close to my heart. Very close. If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you have young children, you work, you are keen to keep fit and healthy… and you feel as if your life is a perpetual juggling act. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel too and with 3 children and a stubborn inability to give up on trying to do everything for everyone AND wanting to “have it all”, I can really empathise! The reality of the “have it all” generation of yummy mummies is, for most of us, not quite as glamorous as it would seem. Let’s face it, performing squats in your kitchen whilst simultaneously cooking the children’s supper and stopping your toddler from feeding the baby a piece of Lego, is not exactly alluring.

But I passionately believe that we should all make time to keep ourselves fit and healthy – we are, after all, at the heart of the family and things very much depend on us. Our children look to us for both material and emotional comfort and we are also the ones setting the example, in terms of a healthy lifestyle. There’s not much point in telling your child that broccoli and sprouts are good for him/her and should be eaten, if s/he never sees you tucking into the same food – s/he will soon notice and question these double standards.

In short, as mothers we owe it to ourselves and our families to make time to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Everyone deserves a break, an escape from the daily routine, and exercise is the most wonderful, endorphin-releasing escape imaginable.
With back pain being one of the most common complaints among women with young families, my Pilates4All is the ideal antidote. Sign up too, on the right hand side of this page, for my Newsletters and you will receive weekly tips, articles, back pain exercises and healthy recipes to help you keep fit and well despite being rushed off your feet.


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