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My Leicestershire based MamaHIIT classes are high intensity interval training sessions designed specifically to suit mums - they work you very hard but treat the body kindly! Mama HIIT is a tough mix of cardio and resistance work using body weight and kettlebells - 8kg up to 24kg! -  to get the heart pumping and to boost the metabolism. MamaHIIT will

  • Give you a fantastic workout in only 45 minutes (often a bit longer to be fair!)
  • Work the entire body - upper, lower and core
  • Boost your metabolism helping your body burn energy more efficiently
  • Be kind to your joints and pelvic floor by being low impact but high energy
  • Help you build muscle mass so that you burn calories day and night!

When the days are long and the weather is good, classes will take place outdoors - bootcamp style!


MamaHIIT takes place n Mondays at 8.15pm. 


My Leicestershire MamaHIIT takes place in Woodhouse Community Hall, LE12 8TZ, just south of Loughborough.

How Much

All Zest4lifeUK Leicestershire fitness classes are run as courses that you can start at any point, space permitting:


Mama HIIT is fantastic. After my third child I was keen to start doing a class for me, to help me get back in shape but I found most mainstream fitness classes too high impact for my postnatal physique! Since starting MamaHIIT my fitness has improved, I feel better in myself and am really enjoying exercise again. Jo works you hard, but with expert knowledge on what exercises are best for postnatal bodies. It's a hard workout, but perfect for those of us wanting to push ourselves in the right way. Come and give it a go!


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• Fill in the form and click “submit registration”
• I'll be in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the next course start?
A. Go to Timetable and Availability


Q. May I start part way through a course?
A. It depends on whether or not my course is full. Check here to see if spaces are available.


Q. I suffer from back pain. Is Mama HIIT suitable?
A.  It probably won't be suitable for you, even though it is low impact. It is quite fast and energetic and this does not necessarily lend itself to back pain, where exercises need to be performed with great care and precision. i would suggest trying my Pilates4All classes.


Q. I struggle following choreographed routines. Will Mama HIT be complicated to follow?
A. No, this is not a “choreographed” class with a routine. We work through a series of exercises for short, sharp bursts of time and then have even shorter recovery periods. You will get help adn advice with technique.


Q. I have heard that you specialise in pregnancy and postnatal exercise. I am neither pre nor postnatal. Is this class suitable for me?
A. Yes, although it's called Mama HIIT, the fact that it works you hard whilst being low impact makes it suitable for far more people than many classes which involve a lot of jumping around.


Q. I have had a baby in the last 6 months. Am I OK to join this class?
A. If it's 6 months since your little one was born and you have been building up your fitness levels, then you can pop along and give the class a go. However it shouldn't be the first form of exercise you do postnatally. This is very much a class to build your way up to and come to at least 6 months postpartum.


Q. I am pregnant. Can I do Mama HIIT?
A. If you have a very high level of fitness, have exercised uninterruptedly pre-pregnancy and into early pregnancy and are 100% well with no contrainidications, then you might be OK to do a gentler version of Mama HIIT. It is low impact which will make it a better option than, for example, going to standard bootcamps and HIt classes. However, for the majority of women this is nto going to be the right form of exercise in pregnancy.


Q. What should I wear to Mama HIIT
A. Make sure you've got your gym gear and trainers with you, and your outdoor clothes just in case we do an outdoor session in the summertime and bring lots of water!