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Hello Zesty Mums-to-Be, Mums and working Mums!


You'll find all the forthcoming Leicestershire based events in the events calendar, including dates for meals out, drinks out, start dates for new terms, charity events and any other occasions that I think might be of interest to you. For regular general news, just take a look below where you'll be able to look up the current news as well as past news if you missed something you were interested in.


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Kelly Hainsworth joins the team of forum experts

Kelly Hainsworth joins the team of forum experts

12 Sep 16 - Kelly Hainsworth specialises in maternity reflexology and has recently joined the team of forum experts in this capacity. Find out about Kelly here!

Could HypnoBirthing® Help Me?

Could HypnoBirthing® Help Me?

20 Jun 16 - Empowerment expert for motherhood, Patti Good, takes you through hypnobirthing step by step.

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