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Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! 

Welcome to my multi award winning postnatal fitness. If you're feeling ready to get back into fitness then perhaps these are some of the questions running through your mind:

  • Can I exercise before my six week check-up?
  • How do I know if I have abdominal separation and what should I do about it?
  • What abdominal exercises should I be doing? 
  • How do I know if my pelvic floor is OK?
  • When can I start running/weight training/HIIT/playing team sports?
  • What's the best way to shift baby weight?
  • When can I exercise after a C section? 
  • There's so much contradictory information about postnatal exercise. Where can I turn to for advice I can trust?    

If any of these questions rings a bell, then you have come to the right place. 

My passion is enabling you to get fit & strong after pregnancy, giving you the knowledge you need and connecting you with a great group of new mums.   


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Well the first thing to say, of course, is congratulations on the arrival of your little one, and the next thing to say is that I am equally impressed to see that you are getting ready to fit fitness round motherhood. That’s great news, and you really won’t regret it. Post pregnancy exercise and building up your fitness levels will help you on so many fronts:


  • It will give you much needed energy


  • It will help banish the baby blues


  • It is scientifically proven to help with postnatal depression


  • It will help you lose the baby weight and get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans


  • It will zap the post pregnancy tummy


  • It will make you feel good about yourself


  • It is sociable, and having a good support network is vital in early motherhood (it keeps you sane!)


  • It will give you the strength to keep up with your baby… busy toddler… growing family when number 2 or 3 comes along


  • And dare I say that it will also help to get that pelvic floor working again.


Ok, so I’ve convinced you of the benefits of postnatal exercise but what next? What sort of exercise should you be doing? Should you just start up where you left off pre-pregnancy? The tummy doesn’t look quite the same as before, so perhaps you’re toying with the idea of doing a Legs, Tums and Bums class? The fact of the matter is that IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO TAKE PART IN SPECIALIST POSTNATAL EXERCISE and here’s why:


  • Working with someone who is fully trained in postnatal fitness and who is a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors will give you the peace of mind that you are being taught by a person who knows specifically how to exercise the postnatal body and how to cater for problems linked to pregnancy, birth and beyond.


  • You will be doing exercise that is tailored specifically for the postnatal period and as the weeks and months go by, your training programme will adjust accordingly.


  • The postnatal period is frequently accompanied by all sorts of aches, pains, conditions and complaints. Specialist postnatal classes will cater for your individual needs, whether these are lower back pain, knee joint pain, separation of the abdominals or tension in the neck and upper back.


  • There’ll be no need to find any childcare for my postnatal classes because babies come along too – it’s all a bit noisy but who cares!


  • You will be with lots of other mums and – if you come to my classes – the likelihood is that you will make firms friends in class, especially as we have a cuppa after our exercise. There’s nothing better than having a great support system in place when you are a new mum…


  • If you attend postnatal Pilates classes, you will be doing exercises specifically designed to close any abdominal separation which you might have


My BouncingBack postnatal Pilates and BuggyBabies buggy fitness classes are truly the perfect answer when it comes to exercising with a little baby in tow. Find out more about my postnatal classes, and how about taking advantage of my FREE 7 DAY CLASS PASS to come along and try them? To make the most of the FREE 7 DAY CLASS PASS simply email us

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