Early postnatal classes: CoreBaby! & BuggyBabies

Postnatal core & cardio  & buggy workouts in Leicestershire

Once you have been to the New Mum Drop-In Abs Clinics you will have a clear idea of:

  • how your abdominals are doing postnatally
  • how to progressively strengthen you pelvic floor
  • the best starting point for your postnatal fitness journey, and why
  • the most effective way of getting back to your pre-pregnancy form of exercise

It's now time for STEP 2...

CoreBaby!  is a postnatal core stability programme, alongside cardio & resistance training to give you the all-round foundations to rebuild fitness safely and effectively, ready to get you back into your favourite pre-pregnancy exercise when the time is right for you…. CoreBaby! will get your postnatal fitness foundations in place, working on abdominal separation, core strength, postural strengthening and pelvic floor, stamina and general strength. We ALL need strong foundations to get truly fit. No need for childcare: babies come too. READ MORE

BuggyBabies is Zest4lifeUK's signature buggy workout focusing on rebuilding cardio and strength in a safe way for the early postnatal body. You WILL get fitter and stronger. It's the perfect starting point alongside CoreBaby! as these classes compliment eachother. It is also as covid19-friendly as fitness can get: it takes place outdoors in open countryside, no sharing of fitness equipment, loads of space for social distancing READ MORE