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NEW! Not yet had your 6 week check-up? Come along FOC to BuggyBabies for a walk and a chat (and we usually have a coffee afterwards). Then once you've had your check up you can join up fully and start the hard work! 

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Leicestershire's ultimate buggy workout:

  • Interval training tailored for the "new mum" body
  • Resistance & cardio exercises incorporated into power walking with babies in buggies
  • Fun, sociable, beautiful location, no childcare needed - awesome workout!  


BuggyBabies - postnatal fitness class - is on Wednesdays at 9.45am.


BuggyBabies - my postnatal buggy fitness class for mums and babies, starts off from the Lower Beacon Hill Car Park, just off Breakback road, south of Loughborough, Leicestershire. We nip into the new Beacon Cafe or The Cafe Next Door afterwards for a cuppa and a chat. 


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How Much

All Zest4lifeUK Leicestershire pregnancy fitness classes are run as courses that you can start at any point, space permitting:


"I can't recommend Jo and her classes enough. I started with a HIIT class whilst pregnant which I loved, and came back to BuggyBabies as soon as I was allowed post-birth. Jo's tough (in a good way!) so I always felt like I'd worked hard, and I've made wonderful friends at the same time. I'll most definitely be returning if/when there's a baby number two."  Hayley

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Signing up is easy:

  • Click on “registration form” which you will find in the menu
  • Fill in the form and click “submit registration”
  • I'll be in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the next BuggyBabies course start?
A. Just email me for info abogut the current course.


Q. Will my pram be OK for BuggyBabies?
A. There are a number of points that you must bear in mind: - you need a stable buggy that is unlikely to topple over - you must be able to strap your baby into the buggy - BuggyBabies takes place on paths that are not asphalted and so bigger wheels mean a less bumpy ride for your baby. Nevertheless, lots of mums manage with a Maclaren-style buggy. - if your baby is still very little it is advisable to have head support, even if this means rolling up a towel and placing it round your baby’s head.
Prams which are like cots on wheels are good but please make sure that you attach a harness to the D-rings under the mattress, so that you can safely strap your baby in. You should also consider the shape and height of the handle. Make sure that you do not have to stoop to reach the handles. Rounded handles are more comfortable and encourage wrist alignment. Handles which are squared-off tend to force the wrist into the wrong position, thus placing pressure on an already vulnerable part of the body.


Q. When may I start BuggyBabies after giving birth?
A. It all depends on what sort of pregnancy and birth you have had but the key rule for everyone is that you must have already had a satisfactory 6 week post natal check up with your GP. - following a pregnancy free of complications and a normal, vaginal delivery you may safely join BuggyBabies after your 6 week check up - if you have had a caesarean section you should wait a minimum of 8-10 weeks before exercising and I will provide alternative, more gentle exercises during the first few weeks of the course.


Q. What sort of clothing should I wear to BuggyBabies?
A. You are best off wearing loose clothing, such as a tracksuit or gym wear, which allows freedom of movement when doing resistance exercises. Although this is a low-impact class, it is still worth wearing a bra that provides good support, especially if you are breastfeeding. Remember to wrap up warmly in winter. Gloves are a winter essential when pushing a pram. The routes we take can get quite muddy, so walking boots or old trainers are ideal footwear.


Q. Will I be able to do BuggyBabies with a double buggy?
A. Yes, all the routes we do are wide enough to allow access for a double buggy. Expect to work hard!


Q. I have an older child as well as a baby. May I bring him/her along to BuggyBabies?
A. It depends on the age of your older child and how willing s/he is to sit in a buggy for 1¼ hours. For safety reasons and insurance purposes all babies and toddlers must be strapped into buggies whilst we are on the move and exercising. I find that as children reach the age of about 22 months, they no longer want to stay in a buggy.


Q. What happens if my baby cries?
A. This is a very easy-going class and we stop and start as necessary so that mums can feed, comfort, cuddle and hug their babies. I usually find that when we are power walking the babies are happy. When we stop to do resistance work I plan short bouts of exercise so that the little ones don’t get too grumpy before we move on again.


Q. May I bring my dog along?
A. No, I think it is best not to bring dogs along just in case they do something unexpected like jump up onto a buggy, run into a road or chase off after other dogs that are being walked in the area!


Q. I have backache. Is Buggybabies suitable?
A. If you suffer from back pain you should ensure that the handles of your buggy are at the correct height so that you do not have to stoop over. You should also keep your abdominals lightly braced all the time whilst pushing the pram. Finally, if you have noticed that pushing your buggy round town makes matters worse, then I would strongly encourage you not to do this course but to try BounceBack which focuses specifically on back and abdominal care, as well as on posture.


Q. I am pregnant. May I already book onto BuggyBabies to ensure that I have a place?
A. Lots of mums book onto my courses during their pregnancy. It is, however, on the understanding that you must have had your 6 week check up before joining the course, even if this means missing a few of the earlier sessions. If this happens, I ease new mums into the course gently, with appropriate alternative exercises.


Q. You are currently part way through a course. May I join?
A. Of course you may, just as long as there’s space and you’ve had a satisfactory 6 week check-up.


Q. Does BuggyBabies run if the weather is bad?
A. If it is drizzling, BuggyBabies goes ahead. Only if conditions are really horrible (driving rain) or dangerous (icy conditions or high winds) is the class cancelled via text message. But don't worry, an extra class will be added onto the end of the course to make up for the cancelled one.


Q. I am worried that it might be too hard.
A. The course is designed to get progressively harder over the period of the course, so I will break you in relatively gently. The terrain is hilly, your heart rate will increase, and you will certainly feel as if you have worked out… but that's what you want, isn't it?! This is an invigorating course that will leave you feeling energized every week!


Q. What should I bring to class?
A. Make sure you've got your outdoor training gear and outdoor trainers with you. Remember to dress both yourself and your baby according to the time of year. Bring a bottle of water for yourself and don't forget all that baby "stuff".


Q. Is there an upper age limit for babies in BuggyBabies?
A. No, there isn't but you might well wish to push your fitness up a gear by moving on to BuggyBabies+.


Q. I have wrist pain. Do you think BuggyBabies will be OK for me?
A. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common complaint related to pregnancy and beyond. Sometimes the wrist pain is too severe, in which case, you would need to stop the course and you would receive a refund for the remaining sessions.


Q. Oh boo! You haven’t got my question here!

A. That’s no problem at all. Just get in touch with me.

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