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Outdoor postnatal core & pelvic floor strengthening Pilates-based buggy workout  in Leicestershire... designed to be as covid19-friendly as possible




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Pram & Pilates is an outdoor postnatal core stability programme giving you the foundations needed to get you back into your favourite pre-pregnancy exercise... 

  • with individualised core exercises tailored to close abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
  • pelvic floor strengthening 
  • exercises to help relieve back pain
  • postural and general strengthening work


​​​Suitable from 6-8 weeks postpartum: no childcare needed as babies are with us in the pushchairs


Mother-and-baby exercise class, Pram & Pilates is on Tuesdays at 9.45am. 


Pram & Pilates - my outdoor postnatal Pilates in Leicestershire - takes place in Beacon Hill Country Park. We meet in the Lower Beacon Car Park or in the picnic area right next to the car park. 

How Much

In normal circumstances, all Zest4lifeUK Leicestershire pregnancy fitness classes are run as courses that you can start at any point, space permitting. Given the current uncertainties with covid19, they are being run on a PAYG system so that everyone has complete flexibility. 

Each session is £7.50  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the next course start?

A. Just email me and I'll give you current details.

Q. When can I start your postnatal Pilates, BouncingBack course?

A. It all depends on what sort of pregnancy and birth you have had but the key rule for everyone is that you must have already had a satisfactory 6 week post natal check up with your GP. - following a pregnancy free of complications and a normal, vaginal delivery you may safely join BouncingBack after your 6 week check-up - if you have had a caesarean section you should wait a minimum of 8 weeks before exercising and I will provide alternative, more gentle exercises during the first few weeks of the course.

Q. What sort of clothes should I wear when doing these postnatal classes?

A. You are best off wearing loose clothing, such as a tracksuit or gym wear, which allows freedom of movement. Although this is a non-impact class, it is still worth wearing a bra that provides good support, especially if you are breastfeeding. Trainers are needed for when we go outdoors.

Q. I have an older pre-school child. May I bring him/her along to BouncingBack?

A. This class is really only suitable for mums with babies up to about 12 months. Babies who are not yet crawling can use the play gyms and nests whilst older babies use the play pens, play with the toys that I bring along or have little snacks that their mums have prepared.

Q. Is it a problem if my baby cries in class?

A. Of course not! This is a very easy-going class and you can stop and start as necessary to feed, comfort, cuddle and hug your baby. I will also help out by giving your little one new toys and books to play with, so that you can get as much done as possible.

Q. I have backache. Is BouncingBack suitable?

A. It is ideal. This course uses Pilates techniques and focuses specifically on strengthening your back and abdominals, as well as on posture. It can, therefore, be particularly beneficial for those suffering from back pain.

Q. I am still pregnant. May I already book onto BouncingBack?

A. Lots of mums-to-be book onto my courses during their pregnancy. It is, however, on the understanding that you must have had your 6 week check-up before joining the course. If you miss the first few sessions, I ease you into the course gently, with appropriate alternative exercises.

Q. Your current course is already running. May I join partway through?

A. Of course you may, as long as there’s space – just email me for availability.

Q. I had PGP (pelvic girdle pain) in pregnancy and am still experiencing a bit of pain. Is BouncingBack appropriate?

A. Most (but not all) PGP sufferers report reduced pain following BouncingBack sessions. I will always adapt exercises to help your PGP improve.

Q. My abdominals feel really soft and squidgy since having a baby. Will BouncingBack help?

A. Yes! BouncingBack will help to shorten and strengthen your abdominals which have been stretched and weakened during pregnancy. If you feel that during pregnancy you have also accumulated fat over the top of your abdominals, then pairing up BouncingBack with a cardiovascular and resistance workout such as BuggyBabies, will help to increase your metabolism and burn more energy, leading to fat loss. BouncingBack focuses specifically on closign abdominal separation, also known as diastasis recti.

Q. Where is BouncingBack held?

A. BouncingBack takes place in Woodhouse Community Hall, LE12 8TZ. This is just south of Loughborough, in Leicestershire.

Q. What do the babies do during BouncingBack?

A. They sleep, play on the play mats, sit in the Bumbos and the play nests watching, and sometimes… they cry! But don't worry because nobody minds and it's all very relaxed.

Q. I have got painful wrists. Is BounceBack suitable?

A. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common complaint related to pregnancy and beyond. Certain exercises will be adapted for you, so that you are comfortable. Sometimes the wrist pain is too severe, in which case, you would need to stop the course and you would receive a refund for the remaining sessions.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to BouncingBack classes?

A. Make sure you've got your gym gear and trainers with you, your outdoor clothes to keep both you and your baby warm in winter when we do an outdoor warm up, a water bottle and everything that you normally take with you for your baby – that's it!

Q. What happens if I miss a class?

A. If you miss a class you are very welcome to come along to any other suitable class on another day or evening (numbers permitting) so as to catch up. Just let me know that you are coming!

Q. Oh boo! You haven’t got my question here!

A. That’s no problem at all. Just get in touch with me.

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