New Mum Drop In Abs Clinic



Every new mum should have access to fitness advice that can be trusted which is why I launched the New Mum Drop-In Clinic nearly half a decade ago. This is your first step towards getting fit postpartum and it's a FREE service - I want it to be accessible to everyone so feel free to share. Here is what is covered in the clinic:

  1.  Your abdominals will be checked carefully for separation 
  2. The tone of your deep abdominals (your core) will be assessed
  3. Your ability to use the deep abdominals will be tested
  4. If the abdominals have been weakened and are unresponsive, you will be shown how to rebuild the "messaging system" between brain and abdominals
  5.  Pelvic floor will be discussed and we will look at strategies to rebuild the strength of these muscles
  6. We will discuss your specific fitness goals and advice will be given on a safe and effective way of working progressively towards these goals
  7. Any fitness questions you have: bring them along!

You will leave the Drop In Clinic with postnatal fitness knowledge and knowledge is power!

The drop-in clinic is suitable from around 3 weeks postpartum. If you have had a C section please wait until you are allowed to drive.  


Contact us and we'll let you know when the next drop-in is taking place.

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