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PRIIT Pregnancy Intensity Interval Training


This exciting new pregnancy-tailored class has only recently launched and is proving very popular! Come and give it a go!




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My Leicestershire based PRIIT classes - Pregnancy Intensity Interval Training sessions - are designed specifically to be safe for mums-to-be who have been leading active lives.


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training - is incredibly popular and for many good reasons but in its standard format it is not suitable for pregnancy and could even be detrimental, not least because overheating during pregnancy can adversely affect the foetus.


Hence the concept of PRIIT: interval training that is tailored for the prenatal period, in such a way that you do not overheat or work too intensely, and yet you still get a cardio and strength workout that will help to maintain your fitness during pregnancy in a safe manner.


Each PRIIT workout will also round off with gentle pregnancy Pilates core stability and pelvic floor work to help manage back pain and keep those fitness foundations – core and pelvic floor – toned at a crucial time in a woman’s life.


PRIIT will:

  • Give you an all-round pregnancy-specific workout
  • Work the entire body - upper, lower, deep abdominals and pelvic floor
  • Help to maintain your muscle mass and keep your body strong in pregnancy
  • Be kind to your joints
  • Help maintain your stamina in pregnancy

When the days are long and the weather is good, classes will take place outdoors

NB If you are entirely new to regular exercise and wish to take up fitness now that you are pregnant, then I would like to point you to my Fit4Birth  and AquaNatal classes rather than PRIIT. Fit4Birth is pregnancy-specific Pilates and can be started during pregnancy even if you are entirely new to exercise. AquaNatal is water-based and the supportive nature of water enables ou to exercise in thsi element regardless of whether or not you are a regular exercise. Whilst I can adapt PRIIT for you if you are entirely new to exercise, I would suggest that Fit4birth will be a more gentle and relaxing option for you. Having said that, I do make everyone work in Fit4birth too!


Courses start in January, April, July and September and run for the duration of term time (apart from the summer course) on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm: this ensures that I am aware of any medical restrictions (back trouble, joints, pregnancy complications etc.) that people might have on the course, as everyone fills in a confidential medical screening form beforehand.


My Leicestershire PRIIT classes take place in the lovely new Woodhouse Community Hall, LE12 8TZ, set in beautiful countryside just south of Loughborough.

How much?


The cost of each PRIIT course depends on the number of weeks the course is running for e.g. a 10 week course costs £79 and for this you get:


  • A small group setting where you are looked after as an individual, catering for the stage of pregnancy that you are in, and any specific problems you may have, such as back or joint pain
  • A gorgeous natural cotton shopping bag filled with information about lots of interesting products and services
  • Newsletters with lots of events
  • An optional organised evening meal out each term; optional drinks out twice a term; a Saturday morning get-together with a mini workshop and brunch.
  • An interesting and varied mix of equipment used in class to keep you strong and to help release tension in the lower back and shoulders.




PRIIT is completely new… testimonials coming soon!

Sign up for PRIIT

I do hope you like the sound of PRIIT. To sign up simply:


  • Click on “registration form” which you will find in the menu down the left hand side of this screen
  • Fill in this online medical screening form
  • Click “submit registration”
  • Sit back and wait for me to get in touch with you to give you all the information you need before coming along to your first class


Q. When does the next PRIIT course start?

A. If you go into the “Class timetable and availability” section of the website you will find up-to-date information on dates and times of classes.


Q. Must I already be exercising to join PRIIT?

A. Yes. This is a pregnancy fitness class that has been designed for those who have been physically active prior to pregnancy and carried on uninterrupted in pregnancy. In other words, there must be exercise continuity

Q. Is there any point in my also doing Fit4Birth?

Yes! Unlike, non-specialist exercise classes, Fit4Birth is designed specifically with pregnancy in mind, and focuses on all those changes that occur to the body during pregnancy. Every week you’ll be getting a dose of exercise that is tailored specifically to you and your pregnancy.


Q. Can I wear my normal, everyday clothes to PRIIT?

A. This is a pregnancy fitness class and I would very much recommend  you wear fitness clothes designed specifically for pregnancy. In particular I would recommend investing in pregnancy leggings that have special integrated “bump” support as this will enable you to exercise more comfortably and further you’re your pregnancy. Take a look at Mumberry and also at Fitta Mamma – both brands have bump support. It is also important to wear a bra that provides good support and make sure you are measured regularly as your body shape will be changing throughout pregnancy. Trainers are a must!


Q. I suffer from back pain. Is it alright to do PRIIT?

A. It depends on the nature and causes of the back pain. My advice is as follows: get in touch with me so that we can talk it through and then perhaps give one PRIIT class a go to see how you get on. If it is not right for your back then I can definitely recommend my Fit4Birth which uses Pilates techniques and focuses specifically on strengthening your back muscles and encouraging good posture. It can, therefore, be particularly beneficial for those suffering from back pain. I would, however, suggest that you seek advice from your GP before enrolling.


Q. Your current course is already running. May I join part-way through?

A. Of course you may, just as long as there’s space for you! The best thing is to contact us to see what availability there is.


Q. I suffer from Pelvic girdle pain. Is PRIIT appropriate?


A. This depends on the severity of your PGP. If it is mild it might be OK but I would encourage you to come along and test the class first before signing up. If the class causes any twinges, and if the PGP feels worse afterwards, then that is an indication that the class is not right for you. I would, instead, suggest coming along to Fit4Birth which I successfully adapt for people with mild to moderate PGP.


Q. Should I eat before PRIIT?


A. Yes. Please make sure that you have a light snack and a drink about 1½ hours before the class starts, so as not to end up with a sugar low. Please also remember to bring along a drink to the class.


Q. At what stage in my pregnancy may I start PRIIT?



A. If you have been doing cardiovascular and resistance exercise prior to conception, have carried on since, and everything is going smoothly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t transition to PRIIT at the start of trimester 2. If, on the other hand, you are new to exercise, have not been exercising recently, or have had to stop due to nausea or for medical reasons, then I would suggest taking a look at Fit4Birth instead.


Q. I have been suffering from wrist pain in pregnancy. Can I do PRIIT?


A. Yes you can, and certain exercises will be adapted for you, so that you are comfortable.


Q. My blood pressure is a little low in pregnancy and this can make me feel dizzy. Am I OK to do PRIIT?


A. It depends on how low your blood pressure is. I make sure that the interval training doesn’t involve lots of “up and down” as would be the case with standard HIIT (think burpees!!). In PRIIT this is avoided because it is likely to make many people feel faint. Your blood pressure should improve during your second and third trimesters.


Q. Oh boo, you haven't answered my question here!


A. No problem. Just give us a shout at "We'd love to hear from you!"


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